About US

At your service has come up with a unique idea ATS to solve parking related problems. Considering that registered parking spaces are quite packed in cities nowadays, people usually end up parking in front of someone’s cars, or blocking their residence, office spaces and gates. You never know what may happen to the vehicle when you park it and walk away. When you encounter unexpected situations and couldn’t contact the vehicle’s owner - you give a thought WHAT IF THERE WAS A SOLUTION TO IT. Well... We are here for it.

Our unique platform allows people to contact with owner of the vehicle without disclosing their mobile numbers. ATS offers you a QR Decal through which you can be contacted, if your vehicle is disturbing someone. You are just required to stick the QR Decal on left hand-side of the windscreen. On scanning the QR Decal, ATS offers numerous notification options like vehicle PARKED WRONG, NEEDS ATTENTION, TOW ALERT, EMERGENCY ALERT to FAMILY MEMBERS, or any other custom message. Depending on the requirement of the person, he/she can contact the vehicle owner directly. The person can even talk to you on call, by simply downloading ATS application. It must be noted that all these communications don’t disclose the identities of neither the vehicle owner nor the person who is getting disturbed. Along with this, ATS allows you to store e-copy of your vehicle’s documents like RC, insurance, PUC and even Driving License. To enhance customer experience, our dedicated ATS team even notifies you before the expiry of your vehicle’s documents to get them renewed.

Our users are asked to enter two emergency mobile numbers in our application, whom can be contacted in case of any accident or unwanted situation. Any person can scan the QR Decal and notify the family members of vehicle owner.