Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is ATS?
ATS is a parking solution to all your vehicle parking issues as it bridges the communication gap with the owner of the vehicle.

2. How does this unique solution work?
ATS QR Decal on your vehicle helps people to connect with the user whenever required. The user parks their vehicle at any spot which might be a reason or issue for someone. With the help of ATS QR Decal, the person can easily contact with them so that they can take necessary action. This process of communication allows the user to take decisions on time, maintain privacy, and doesn’t damage the vehicle thus, saves money and time.

3. How ATS application updates the user?
The application keeps updating the user through in-app alerts, calls and SMS in case if the user is offline, keeps you updated with the parking solutions they bring .

4. Is it necessary to stay online for receiving updates?
The user can enjoy ATS updates even if they are offline.

5. How ATS secures user’s privacy?
During the time of emergency, ATS helps to connect the vehicle owner for multiple reasons via in-app alerts, SMS and even call. The application does not disclose the user’s identity or contact details while connecting with another person.

6. Does the application inform if the vehicle gets tow?
Yes, the user will be notified by anyone if the vehicle is being towed away.

7. Does the application allow the user to save their documents?
Yes, the user can save e-copy of their vehicle’s documents on application.

8. . Does ATS notify the user about the renewal of documents?
ATS notifies the user regarding the validity of documents such as Driving license, pollution certificate and insurance which are due to expire.

9. How to install ATS Application on your device?
Follow the directions mentioned in the LINK.

10. What is 3M QR Decal?
The 3M Quality ATS QR Decal works as an identity card to vehicles and maintains the owner’s privacy.

11. How to use QR Decal on the vehicle?
Follow the instructions mentioned in the LINK