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ATS is a unique parking safety solution as it enables communication with you (the owner of the vehicle). The ATS QR Decal on your vehicle helps people to connect with you whenever required. So, if you have parked your vehicle somewhere that is creating an issue for someone then that person can easily contact you so that you can take necessary action. As a result of this communication, the person doesn’t get irritated much and thus, doesn’t damage your vehicle – saving money and time.

Our APP Features

Ever faced an unpleasant situation when there were scratches all over your vehicle because you had parked it at an unauthorized parking space in a hurry?? I am sure you have as this is actually quite common as there are not many recognized parking spaces around the city. Consequently, you end up parking in someone else’s designated parking space or in front of someone’s house, shop or vehicle; and this is the beginning of ensuing problems. Since there is no way to contact you to move your vehicle to some other place, the person gets furious and agitated because of which he damages your vehicle – scratch, flat tyre, broken mirror, etc. And to fix all this you have to spend money and time. However, you can now avoid all these unnecessary hassles with the help of ATS.

With ATS technology, eliminate the troubles of parking and secure your vehicle anywhere, every time! The one-of-a-kind app and service helps you to stay informed about your automobile, connects with your family in trouble, and allows you to get in touch with the other ATS application user without sharing any detail.

Why ATS is a must when it is about your vehicle?

1. Secured Notifications : Found car parked in your lot? Want to get in touch with the owner but don’t know how? Well,ATS is your answer. Inform the owner without sharing your vital details. We understand your privacy and do not disclose any of your information.

2. Emergency Alerts: After registration, the application notifies your family members through your emergency contact information. We help you connected with your near & dear ones even in unfavorable situations.

3. Safeguard Documents: Remove the hassle of losing your vehicle documents. ATS allows you to save & retain e-Copy of your documents.

4. Expiry Reminders: Once you have uploaded your documents, the application notifies you and sends you reminders to update your Driving License and Pollution Certificate. It keeps a check on documents validity and informs you before they get expired.

5. Offline Notifications:Out of internet facility? Don’t Panic! The application keeps you linked with your vehicle even without internet connectivity. We notify you through SMS alerts.

So, what are you waiting for? Secure your vehicle withATS and stay informed with your vehicle’s whereabouts!

Let your vehicle also go digital.


ATS is an answer to all your parking issues as it bridges the communication gap with the owner of the vehicle. Through in-app alerts, calls and SMS if you are offline, keeps you updated with the parking solutions. You do not have to stay online as ATS notifies you offline too. The 3M Quality ATS QR Decal works as an identity card to vehicles and maintains the owner’s privacy

How does this unique solution work?

Once you start using the ATS QR Decal on your vehicle, it helps people to connect with you whenever required. So, while travelling, you park your vehicle somewhere which might be a reason for issue for someone. With the help of ATS QR Decal, the person can easily contact with you so that you can take necessary action. This process of communication will help in taking decisions on time, maintaining privacy, and doesn’t damage your vehicle – saving money and time.

How to install ATS Application on your device?

Follow the below directions for installing the ATS application on your device:
1. Install and download the ATS application available on iOS and Android platforms.
2. Enter the owner’s mobile number details on the next displayed screen and tap on the Submit button.
3. Now, tap on the ‘+’ button available at the centre bottom of the screen for adding vehicle details.
4. Also, provide the necessary details and scan the QR Decal provided in the pack.
5. Now, you are ready to use the application. As you have entered all the necessary details, during an emergency it will be easy for people to connect with you regarding your vehicle’s issue or concern. They can dial up on your provided contact details without sharing or looking on your information, thus it will maintain your privacy.

How to apply ATS QR Decal?

Follow the below instructions for using QR Decal on your vehicle:
1. Wipe the windscreen: Before applying QR Decal code, clean and wipe the windscreen or surface with mild dish soap and water solution cleaner. Avoid using ammonia-based cleaners. Let it dry.
2. Peel: Now, carefully peel off the back layer of Decal.
3. Paste and apply: Paste decal on the windscreen. Start from the centre of the Decal and push it towards the edges so that it sticks to the surface properly.

This Decal will help people to scan and reach you during an emergency and helps you to take necessary action on time. Connect with the ATS team if you are facing any problem while installing the application. We will help you throughout the process.


Download the ATS App and click on Subscription to Purchase Decal and bid adieu to parking issues!!

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ATS QR Decal let others know that your vehicle is ATS PROTECTED and they can connect to you by simply scanning it.

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